Sebastian Ciesla
Team Management
Christian Barth
Graphic Design
Jakob Friedrich
Philipp Haug
Car Design
Lisa Renz
Sebastian is our Team Manager. His job is to control our work process and to coordinate the tasks of all team members. He creates our timetable and supervises our logistics. He also plays an important part in our sponsoring activities.
Christian is our Graphic Designer. He organizes our Public Relations, creates events and keeps contact to our sponsoring partners. He designs our print media and develops our corporate identity. He also designs our pit display.
Jakob is our Research & Development Manager. Together with Philipp he is developing our car. He is responsible for aerodynamic optimization, high-speed photographing and other tests on our track. The evaluation of these tests will contribute to the optimization of our car design.
Philipp is our Design Engineer. He designs every prototype and also the final car. For the design he uses different CAD tools like Solid Edge. Together with Jakob he contributes to the optimization of the car.
Lisa is our Manufacturing Engineer. She produces our final car as well as all the prototypes. She also plans material selection. Furthermore, she keeps contact with our sponsors in kind, who are directly involved in our manufacturing process. Finally she is responsible for the assembly of the car and for making it ready to race.